Mergers & Acquisitions

Are you looking to merge with or acquire a new company? Many organisations throughout the legal, property, business support and engineering sectors have found this route to be a great way to improve their market standings. However, whether this has been to acquire existing teams with niche expertise or to consolidate growth, Kingsley can help. As a trusted advisor to our many corporate, Blue Chip, and SME clients, Kingsley has already been instrumental in the growth of numerous firms by successfully sourcing and integrating some of the organisations’ best assets: their employees.

However, our position in the market is unique, in that Kingsley already holds a strong track record in assisting many companies throughout the UK, across a wide range of sizes and sectors, to grow via our dedicated Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) department. Kingsley’s M&A team has been instrumental in working alongside many clients to provide a range of corporate services, including business sales, acquisitions, mergers, strategic planning, negotiations, and funding and finance solutions.


Our consultants operate alongside trusted professionals, including solicitors, accountants, tax experts, and wealth managers, all of whom have proven expertise in their respective fields. This allows Kingsley to work very closely with its clients to improve the successful completion of any M&A.

By doing so, we can provide expertise and support throughout the lifecycle of the process, including understanding market landscapes, due diligence processes, and post-acquisition care. To discuss how Kingsley's team can help your business to achieve its merger and acquisition goals, get in contact today.